Free with General Admission

The Woodland Animal Trail

Visiting with pre-schoolers? Try our Woodland Animal trail, specially for little ones...

Our Woodland Animal trail is perfect for children between 2-5 years as the animals are low down, easier to find and takes only 30 minutes to complete. The trail takes children on a journey through the Arboretum and is a great way to keep their interest while you enjoy the scenery.

Come and explore to find Sandy the Squirrel, Mr Buttons the Badger, Rafferty the Rabbit and all their woodland friends.

The Fairy Trail

Everyone knows that fairies live at the bottom of a garden and nobody knows that better than the people here at Arley Arboretum and gardens.

The fairies are hidden away in bushes and up trees - you have to go and find them answering questions and solving clues along the way. The Fairy Trail takes about an hour to finish, and once completed, all children get a prize!

Only the little people can see them – they are waiting for you!


Dinosaur Trail

DINOSAUR detectives are wanted at Arley Arboretum...

A 45-minute trail is waiting with clues to solve questions hidden all over the arboretum.

Detectives will need to answer questions such as, Where was triceratops found? Or - How long was Brachiosaurus? The trail runs through some of the most beautiful and interesting spots in the arboretum with the chance to try out the maze on the way around.


"Beautiful Gardens!"

"We visited with a two year old, the entry fee we thought was reasonable. We had a walk around the very beautiful grounds, I enjoyed it. My two year old enjoyed it because he could have a run around with out us telling him to be careful of people cars etc. One of the green houses had a box of baby chicks in which he loved..."


Lucieaew visited May 2016