Our Well Area

Pond Dipping

Pond dipping is a fun and simple way for children to explore an aquatic habitat. Children will be able to observe a diversity of different creatures from leeches to dragonfly nymphs.

It is a useful tool in delivering the science primary curriculum section on life process and living things (Sc2). It can also be used as a stimulus for art, English or maths activities.

Make sure you go to reception and get your pond dipping activity sheet, which includes ticking off all the different creatures you can find and also drawing them!

What might you find?

A healthy British pond can be home to a vast diversity of invertebrates over 115 species.; Some of which only complete part of their lifecycle in the pond whilst others need an aquatic environment for all of their lifecycle. 

Most species are insects there are also crustaceans, annelids (worms), snails and arachnids (spiders and their relatives). 

The diversity of species is dependent on water quality as a general rule the more polluted a watercourse is the fewer the number of species.


Good Friday Stroll

"First proper day outside for a lot of families today and being a Bank Holiday is was busy! Great place, easy to find and lots to do. You can take your time, do what you want and relax in some nice scenery. You can even watch the Servern Valley Railway if that floats your boat. Worth a visit and will happily go back. Not expensive either. £10 got whole family in."


Tireejuniors Visited March 2016