What will you see from the viewing platform?

Viewing Platform

Once you have found your way to the center of the maze, you will have reached the castle. Our viewing platform gives you the opportunity to look over the surrounding area, and is great for taking pictures.

Interesting points:

  • Hornbeam trees now are mainly used for Butchers chopping boards and tool handles
  • The seeds, buds and catkins serve as a food source for songbirds, squirrels, pheasants, and grouse.
  • Mazes are believed to date back 4000 years
  • It is believed they were originally used to stop unwanted visitors
  • One of the biggest mazes in the UK is near York and consists of 35 acres dedicated to Star trek

The Design

The maze is a challenging design, and will usually take about 30 minutes to complete.  It will only ever grow to just below head height, as it is quite possible to get very lost in it! The maze is in a perfect spot, close to Turner Ride, with beautiful views of the surrounding countryside. There is a picnic bench close by if visitors would rather sit and drink in the scenery whilst braver members of the party head into the maze. 


The History

The maze at Arley Arboretum was designed and planted in 2009 and opened to the public in 2011. It was designed and created by the Head Gardener and his team, and involved planting 3000 Hornbeam trees.The Hornbeam (Carpinus betulus) derives its name from Anglo Saxon words for ‘horn’ and ‘tree’. It produces very hard wood that was often used to make cog wheels for watermills and windmills before the development of metals. Its main use now is in butchers’ chopping blocks.


"Peaceful Pretty Place"

"Very peaceful place just to go and have some family time. Wasn't crowded. Enjoyed a picnic and a walk. It's not massive but very pretty. Bought an ice lolly from the cafe... Has a little park for the kids and we got lost in the maze. Watched the train go by and walked about..."


Millie_Boon Visited June 2016