Let the Blogging commence!

Having started working as the Head Gardener for Arley Arboretum (we do garden some of the Village too!) last month, I've had plenty of time to think. Well not really, I've been as busy as a Jack rabbit in July; with 7 greenhouses to organise, almost 50 acres of Arboretum to manage as well start organising plans to conquer the world....of gardening.

But as you wander around the Arboretum you might just have the one question I had on my lips "How did we not know this was here?", well you wont be the first and you probably wont be the last to ask that question. The short answer to this is simply that Arley has kept very quiet about the hidden gem amongst its charming, typical English village which is a place worth visiting in its own rights. The longer answer is that you will be hearing about Arley alot more in the coming months and years as we really start to show off what it is we can do here, as well as give it the attention that it really deserves!

Just a quick a post from me as I franticly pound through some toast at 8 in the morning, surrounded by planting plans for the new sensory garden, plant orders for the greenhouse and of course no computer table is without a pair of secateurs! 

I'll see you all in next blog, or in the Arboretum. Just look for the man in hat!


It's not often that I come across plants that I have absolutely no idea what they are. So for it to happen twice in one week. Usually the real challenge is finding out the variety/cultivar/sub-species of plant I am looking at, so to find two plants (ok one did turn out to be a bit of an obvious one) that I had not clue about was a real kicker!



It was starting to feel like the height of summer, which is confusing for the poor plants. Not to mention the fact that the nights have been as cold as they should be for a mid April week, which means that all our frost tender plants just cannot go out yet. Even though they are cooking in the greenhouses!



As busy as I get, I hope I always have time to rescue amphibians from the Italian garden ponds. So far I'm up to 1 frog, a warty toad and 3 Smooth/Common newts. All rescued and placed in a very comfortable and stylish hat for transportation down to one of our wildlife ponds.