Photo taken by Mark, Head Gardener- 16/11/15


It finally feels like Autumn.

Its safe to say that it has been a mild Autumn so far. In fact it's one the warmest Novembers I can recall. Which, if it wasn't so wet, would almost be enjoyable!
Tree Foggy
We had a week of real foggy weather which gave us some haunting images of the Arboretum. The recently de-limbed Beech looked especially sombre, with the back drop of the dense fog obscuring the Severn.
Volunteers Greenhouse
But all the fog and rain has had some benefits. We took the opportunity with the volunteers to get some bulb planting done in the greenhouses, in preparation for next year.

I'm looking forward to having a selection of some good spring favourites like snowdrops, Muscaria, Aliums and a personal favourite Snakes head Fritilaries. We also managed to track down some lovely plants we have in the garden called Erythronium dens-canis "Pagoda" a lovely yellow dogs tooth violet. Not your usual spring bulb but well worth the time and effort in tracking down. If all goes well we'll have a good supply of them for February, which will also be a great chance to see if the snowdrops that were lifted and divided have taken.
Red Flower
Snakes Head Fritilary

 As you might expect Autumn is a time for collecting leaves. Collecting leaves and more leaves. And once they have been collected we can start to collect the other leaves. Leaves. It's just one of those jobs that goes on and on, not being the most exciting of tasks in a garden but one every gardener knows well. Saving as much of the collected leaves as possible to rot down in a designated area, so we will have some really excellent leaf mulch next year.
Tractor Leaves
 One of the latest trees for good Autumn colour is Nyssa sylvatica, and while our tree doesn't seem to get as spectacular a display as some of the other trees in the Arboretum it is still considered excellent. An America tree, more commonly known as Black Gum or a Tupelo, it's sits right outside the Italian garden, and is looking fantastic right now.
Mushroom      Flowers
 I'm looking forward to seeing a collection of Mushrooms this year! Fungi fascinate me, though I don't have the Mushroom identification skill I still appreciate them as things of beauty and sometimes things of grotesqueness. This picture on the left is probably a Russula of some type (don't ask me any more detail than that!) and even though its in stark contrast to the organised beauty of the Italian garden display of Bellis and Viola on the right, it is still worth scouting out around the Arboretum to see if you can snap any interesting shrooms.


It’s quite a sad thing to cut down a tree, especially one that is hundreds of years old. Some trees are destined to be felled when they reach their maximum useful size. We have pines that I wouldn't weep over being felled, that doesn't mean I'd enjoy it, however most trees that are useful for timber purposes are older than me. 




I keep harping on about it, but the colour in the trees is really starting to kick in. In fact a few of the smaller Acers are already starting to drop their leaves so if your planning a visit now is a great chance to see the contrast in trees as some are well under way and others are just about starting...




You may have noticed the chill in the air, or the slight change in colour of some of the trees, or maybe flowers gradually starting to fade, but Autumn is now officially here!


We still have a few days of great weather ahead of us though, so expect to see a few confused plants flowering for a second time!