Picture taken by Head Gardener Mark 21/1/16


Let me start by saying I hope you had a great Christmas and a happy new year! 2016 looks to be a busy one for Arley Arboretum, if the first 2 weeks of January are anything to go by. We have been flat out since coming back from Christmas, and we're getting straight into readying the Arboretum for opening on February 13th.

It's been one of the wettest Decembers and Januarys that I can recall. The weather being as it is means that right now there are daffodils in flower, a few snowdrops and even a Rhododendron I can think of. It's looking up though, as we have had some hard frosts over the last few days which might start to make the season feel a little less bizarre.

It's been all go since coming back from Christmas, trying to get a few projects finished in time for opening. Our first plan to implement was a new pathway made from reclaimed York stone that runs towards the Church from the main gates. This was essential due to the increased number of visitors we have been receiving as well as those who have had weddings over at Arley Church and their reception in the Italian Gardens.

20160106 130632

Once that was completed we jumped straight over to fixing a long standing issue with the Hexagon pool in the Italian Garden. It's been slowly draining water over the course of the year which has meant that it required constant top ups. For a pond that holds approximately 100 thousand gallons of water....that can be a major issue. [Pictured above]

It's a real shame that more people cannot see the Arboretum during the winter and our "closed" season, but we need time to do major repairs, but it means that the public can miss out on some really beautiful parts of the Arboretum. At least we can share a few pictures.

20151217 161228


It’s been a while since my last post, about 3 weeks I think. But I did have a holiday sandwiched in between 2 REALLY busy weeks. Couple this with an ongoing cold that keeps knocking me out in the evenings and you have a recipe for a non-productive head gardener blog writer.




Its safe to say that it has been a mild Autumn so far. In fact its one the warmest Novembers I can recall. Which, if it wasn't so wet, would almost be enjoyable! We had a week of real foggy weather which gave us some haunting images of the Arboretum.




It’s quite a sad thing to cut down a tree, especially one that is hundreds of years old. Some trees are destined to be felled when they reach their maximum useful size. We have pines that I wouldn't weep over being felled, that doesn't mean I'd enjoy it, however most trees that are useful for timber purposes are older than me.