The beginning of Autumn

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You may have noticed the chill in the air, or the slight change in colour of some of the trees, or maybe flowers gradually starting to fade, but Autumn is now officially here!

We still have a few days of great weather ahead of us though, so expect to see a few confused plants flowering for a second time! The Warm days wont put off the fantastic display of colour that will soon be Arley Arboretum though so I hope your all planning to come and see it in what is probably going to be the best time of year to visit an Arboretum!

The Summer bedding display has served us well over the last 3 or 4 months but its finally time to replace it with our spring bedding. This year I have opted for a mix of Bellis perenis Tasso and good old fashioned Winter pansies. Its a tried and tested display owing to the fact that given the right conditions you can have colour all through the autumn, winter and spring (and even into summer with the Bellis, such a tough little plant!) and once the weather starts to get a bit cooler we'll plant out the Tulips in containers, which is more of a late autumn/winter job anyway.


1500 plants later and the display is finally finished! It will hopefully add a dash of flower power over the colder months.....while I start to prepare for next years summer bedding!


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I've been holding off introducing the newest additions to Arley Gardens until they were a little more settled. We have increased our collection of chickens from 27. Were just working on getting some signs made for them so you can try and identify all the different types we now have.

And we still have room for more! So over the next few years we will hopefully be increasing the number of unusual breeds we have here at Arley, and maybe a few other avian surprises too!


20150910 103425

Our Excess bedding in packs of 6 with buy one get one free is still for sale, but hurry! the Winter pansies have all but gone and we have limited stocks of both Primula denticulata and Bellis!

See you all next blog!

Monday 7 September 2015

With summer officially ending on the 23rd of September we still have a while to bask in the glory of the English summertime.

With today being the first day back at school it measn that things will go quiet again in the Arboretum for a while. If you were looking for a peaceful time to visit now is your chance! 



Oooh what a lovely piece of rot

I'm kind of certain that most people wont find a really nice bit of rotten tree branch to be interesting. But then again I might be surprised. Anyway, this is the remains of a Red Oak's branch that fell down, more or less without any warning.



New for August, brand new toffee smell!

No joke, we really do have a tree that smells like toffee, or more accurately, burnt sugar. More on that later in the blog!

3 months since my last post and I've been gently reminded to try and stay on top of it! Which I'll try my darndest. In all seriousness, we've been pretty busy these last three months, and I don't have many photos or hilarious anecdotes to share from June and July.