I keep harping on about it, but the colour in the trees is really starting to kick in. In fact a few of the smaller Acers are already starting to drop their leaves so if your planning a visit now is a great chance to see the contrast in trees as some are well under way and others are just about starting.

20150925 092517

Cameras really don't do the vivid colours justice, and while my phone does a good job at a moments notice it just can't capture the subtle nuances that the human eye can (unless your a really competent photographer, which I'm certainly not!).

This is a Sweet Buckeye, an Aesculus flava or one of the America Horse Chestnuts we have in the Arbo. Showing that its not just the Acers that are the stars of Autumn.

20150922 135242

I've finally got round to replacing a tree that was lost in the arboretum in my time here, an Acer Osakazuki. A brilliant red autumn colour that is one of the older Japanese Maple varieties.

She did get a little scorched after unpacking thanks to the spectacular sunny days we had at the start of October so it probably wont have much in a way of autumn colour this year but she will make a fine addition to the Acer glade.

I've also got a little surprise coming in the next few weeks! Assuming everything goes to plan that is! A friend of the Arboretum has offered us several Peacocks, 2 males and 3 females and we are seriously considering having them here. Here's dad....

20151006 093936

Mum and son....

20151006 094205 001

And the two daughters....20151006 093909

We are hoping to have the Peacocks wandering around the formal gardens and Arboretum by the start of the new season next year. Though they will most likely be with us alot sooner to get them acclimatised to their new home. I'll keep you all updated with news on the Peacocks and how the chickens are settling in in the coming weeks.


You may have noticed the chill in the air, or the slight change in colour of some of the trees, or maybe flowers gradually starting to fade, but Autumn is now officially here!


We still have a few days of great weather ahead of us though, so expect to see a few confused plants flowering for a second time!

Monday 7 September 2015

With summer officially ending on the 23rd of September we still have a while to bask in the glory of the English summertime.

With today being the first day back at school it measn that things will go quiet again in the Arboretum for a while. If you were looking for a peaceful time to visit now is your chance! 



Oooh what a lovely piece of rot

I'm kind of certain that most people wont find a really nice bit of rotten tree branch to be interesting. But then again I might be surprised. Anyway, this is the remains of a Red Oak's branch that fell down, more or less without any warning.