Picture taken by Mark, Head Gardener, 10/2/16


Hello everyone, our first open date of 2016 is this Saturday 13th so from everyone at Arley Arboretum, we are looking forward to seeing you at half term!

Work hasn't slowed down here over the winter at the arboretum. The Hexagon pool in the Italian garden is still chugging along, with the final wall layer being built. It is almost ready for rendering and relaying the slabs on top, to repair the pathways around the pool, which we had to take up to repair the wall. Some of the Italian Garden may be off limits for a couple of weeks whilst the rest of the work can be completed.

20160201 090720

20160201 090725

Interestingly enough, we took down the first interior wall and exposed the original one which was constructed by Roger Turner, about 30 years ago. We found that it was in better condition than we thought, so we decided to restore the original wall. Our Hexagon pool has now been restored to its original size, which is quite a nice bonus!

20160204 093258

20160204 093301

We have quite a few hedges that are in need of restoration, mostly yew (just a good old Taxus baccata) but there was also a line of Leyland Cypress. It's a bit of a pest when it comes to estate gardens, as it grows so fast, and is very difficult to maintain as a solid ornamental hedge (at least to a manageable size). It’s a common hedging plant of the 80's, and they can easily get out of hand. 36 years growth is nothing for this cross bred cypress, and some have been known to get to 130ft.....and are still growing. We just don't know their maximum height yet as they were only bred in the 80's.

20160204 161534

Our hedge was beginning to obscure the Church, plus the yew hedge it was in front of, is in need of restoration, so it was time for this hedge to go.

20160205 102912

20160205 105053

20160205 133951

Much better, and I'll have a few more stumps to add to the collection!

20160201 102910

Another reason to get here early in February are the Snowdrops! With the weather being so mild everything is springing into life, daffodils, muscaria and tulips are on their way and most importantly, the Snowdrops! Without a good hard frost, these tough little flowers will go over before anyone has had chance to enjoy them, so get out and see them while you can.

And I'll leave you with a sure sign of summer....a Gardener weeding and edging a border.

20160210 111540


Let me start by saying I hope you had a great Christmas and a happy new year! 2016 looks to be a busy one for Arley Arboretum, if the first 2 weeks of January are anything to go by. We have been flat out since coming back from Christmas




It’s been a while since my last post, about 3 weeks I think. But I did have a holiday sandwiched in between 2 REALLY busy weeks. Couple this with an ongoing cold that keeps knocking me out in the evenings and you have a recipe for a non-productive head gardener blog writer.




Its safe to say that it has been a mild Autumn so far. In fact its one the warmest Novembers I can recall. Which, if it wasn't so wet, would almost be enjoyable! We had a week of real foggy weather which gave us some haunting images of the Arboretum.