The Spectacular Centre Piece of the Italian Gardens

The Fountain

A wonderful new fountain forms the centrepiece of the Italian Garden designed and manufactured in Italy and purchased with a donation. The spectacular centre jet reaches a height of 18 feet and is surrounded by smaller jets. The centre jet is operational four times a day, and the smaller jets run all day. 

Don't worry if you miss the centre jet though - there is a slot machine that for 50p will operate the centre jet on demand for three minutes.

The Italian garden attracts hundreds of visitors each year especially weddings looking for that perfect back drop. If you would like to be married in the beauty of the Italian Gardens, you can find more information here.

The Lime Trees

The Lime trees you see lining the walls of the Italian garden are Silver limes and have been pruned back using the pleaching method which resembles a hedge on sticks. Two of the trees you can see have mistletoe growing on them, which is a semi-parasitic plant.


The History of Italian Gardens

The Italian Renaissance garden was a new style of garden which emerged in the late 15th century at villas in Rome and Florence, inspired by classical ideals of order and beauty, and intended for the pleasure of the view of the garden and the landscape beyond, for contemplation, and for the enjoyment of the sights, sounds and smells of the garden itself.

In the late Renaissance, the gardens became larger, grander and more symmetrical, and were filled with fountains, statues, grottoes, water organs and other features designed to delight their owners and amuse and impress visitors.


"Nice way to spend a sunny afternoon"

"Spending a sunny afternoon walking around an arboretum with the Mrs and the dog followed by tea and cake. A lot of people were there with small children - plenty of space to run around and a playground as well. The walled gardens are lovely and the variety of trees and planting around the arboretum means there is always something in bloom, obviously a visit to an arboretum is heavily dependent on the weather and the season. The setting as you overlook the river with the steam railway tooting in the distance is really stunning. The cafe is pleasant and our tea and cake was nice and seemed a reasonable price..."


mretw visited May 2016