Selection of Rhododendrons

The 'Severn' Dwarfs?

Meet Grumpy, Bashful, Sneezy and friends.

The Arley collection of varieties have names like "Grumpy", "Sneezy", and "Bashful" - as well as "Titan Beauty" and "Scarlet Wonder". True to his name "Bashful" is always last to bloom.

The Facts

Rhododendron is characterised by shrubs and small to large trees, the smallest one growing 10-100 cms tall and the largest to 98ft tall.

The leaves are spirally and size can range from 1-2 cms to over 50 cms.

They may be evergreen or deciduous and in some species the underside of the leaves can be covered with scales or hairs and there are also alpine varieties


Tips on maintaining Rhododendrons

Like Acers Rhododendrons are ericaceous they prefer acidic soil rather than chalky or (alkaline one).

A good point to look for is if the leaves start to yellow the soil is not acidic enough.

An easy way of dealing with this a good handful of sulphate of iron and water in


"Fathers Day Trip"

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